The following portfolio is of creative works and projects created by members of the Executive IT Service team. Their experience with web design, software creation, booth development and other creative endeavors shows the diversity and unique attributes of Executive IT Services. We are more than happy to bring our creativity to work for you! Creating personally tailored solutions for your business is our goal, and we do it through our passions.


SEMICON West 2008

For SEMICON West 2008, Tim McEntee designed, developed and installed Nano Technology Solutions booth and displays. By designing the booth in a 3d environment to scale prior to the show, NTS was able to properly decide what path to take for banners, furniture, LCD's, etc. This process made setup easy, as placement was based on the 3d model.


SEMICON West 2008: Booth Layout

Nano Technology Solutions - Website

As a startup company, Nano Technology Solutions required IT support to develop and maintain a website and e-mail system. From purchasing the domain name (N-T-Solutions.com) to finding a web host, to development and regular maintence, the entire process was hands-off for the NTS staff. The entire company's e-mails are managed from this custom-designed database, allowing for web access remotely, as well as Microsoft Outlook solutions and Blackberry communications.


Nano Technology Solutions: Website Design

Wc3Campaigns.net - Website


A non-commercial web community, Wc3Campaigns.com, had lost its webmaster. Tim McEntee brought back two former admins, and began a project to redesign and relaunch the site. Using newer technologies for website development, Wc3Campaigns.net was launched in December 2006. Since then the web community has thrived, with hundred of active users, and thousands of visits a day. Although he is no longer an active participants on the discussion board, Tim still acts as the Site Director; further developing and maintaining the website.


Wc3Campaigns.net: Hompage

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